Thursday, September 30, 2010

A dust storm
from arid land
once, long ago
plunged upon
her green groin
and a Lily
was born

The cemetery
now crumbles
into dust
and disappears

like a childhood
city where
rain never stops
for a second

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I want to tell you
just one thing

Not now though

let it linger  till
spring paints the
field with green

But then, you would
by then
know it all


As he died, his first love
stood loveless
near the bed
Then she returned to work
Steaming tea kettle
whistles autumn songs.
Ailing lover dreams


They made love
without undressing
warm winter dawn


Spring flowers
pillow prints fragrant
lavender evening shower


Monday, September 27, 2010

Last puff of
cheap smoke.
The silver djinn
against the taxi
head light -


Against the wall
large shadows -
their nose, elbows
and knee joints

the bud
the boots

shadows of them
and us

The alley turns
into the city
and sunny beach

where tomorrow
fathers and children
will build
sand castles
The smoke from
lit up and vanishedanonymous cab
went past

Monday, September 20, 2010

Do the brown leaves of autumn
still fall behind this wall ?
Do the gypsies ever return ?

Escher's floor plan

Which came first
or sleep ?

your sketchbook
lay on my chest
like a moth
now Dead

and in dream
I ran through an
enormous maze

where is the
music room?
hidden solace..
Dried bay leaves
one or two
crackle into

and the

Large brown snail
stays still
against the

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Such pretty flowers everywhere.
Emerald oceans and
such azure skies

Lover melts in embrace
like chocolate
whispering poetry of
summer storms
and autumn nights

How tough it is to create
when  nausea of happiness
shrouds the soul
frozen fingers
numb to write
He fell asleep under the
flickering candle flame..

Thinking ...
he will start writing

when his heart is heavy with love
or, when the next big war
breaks again.
Why ask me
to wake up - work
and get things done ?
I will drink tea now
and play flute
in the evening
Pekoe Orange
Purple dusk
Flaming desire
Fuming love

Lover's arm
Lotus stem
Souls dissolve
Summer rain

Midnight calm
Moonlit skin
Silent sounds
Songs breathing
A dull September
brings rainy fragrance
of winter nights
and moist

On my way home
hiding a loaf of bread

when - under
the neon sign blue

they spoke so much

And i had nothing to tell.