Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It happened again
just now
Who brought it
I wonder

It cant possibly be
this crimson spring sun
or  youthful green
The Lilly stem
it cant be the moss wrapped stones
or  tadpoles in the puddle
it cant be you either
or the mirror reflecting me

and yet I  am
intensely happy

Monday, March 12, 2012

Some other day
you shook my hands
and left on them
the fragrance of
a childhood sea

I see you there
selling flowers
On rainy days
such as this

And the chaos
seems like a mere
predilection of an old soul

The wretched umbrella
fights the stormy gale
you smiled ?
ofcourse you didnt
Life is though 
incredibly beautiful

watery green day
heavy as love
watery brown eyes

watery blue dusk
city lights wake up

I did Love - Really

I stared at the ripples
of spring rain
on my secret black 

And watched the
little leaves
A million greens
dancing with the
invisible drops

I promised to work
if a cloud rumbled like
one of those monsoon days

But then I have
always broken promises