Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I chased lust
then lust chased me.
Smoked an angry cigarette
against the wall with
lewd graffiti

It was the Flu I think
that made me pale
as wax.
The lover stood beside
the bed
lentil soup with garlic and
pepper I had asked.

I was restless
Desiring a green
open ocean
as the sweat soaked
bed sheet gathered
million crease marks.

The large juicy leaf
of the money plant
turned yellow in the
beer mug.
November yet to come.

In the morning I think
they played Chopin's Nocturnes.
Maybe, the Vampires
danced in the sun.

Read a few selected
pages of the book
that described in
a few pornographic lines
acts of carnal love.

This book, like a brick
supported the left edge

of the shelf.
Someone who borrowed it
long ago
had rounded the corners..

Suddenly then
a renewed hatred
and utter discomfort

After lunch
a few hours of
disturbed sleep
and television news..
I could hear children
playing football
in the park.

I recovered.

Had coffee
and got a little cut
near the lips
while being narcissistic
during  the
clumsy shaving act.

Today I cleaned my desk
and washed the old
flower vase.
The sun is bright outside
and I have
so much work

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