Wednesday, March 17, 2010

He thought, it was queer indeed
When the dreary summer twilight sank
into a dim quiet darkness
And a dusty uproar
of distant wind
brought fragrance of Parsley leaves.

Drunken and mad it ran left
and then to right
lost and hasty
Unable to find ..

A little sparrow in his kitchen
in his Big city
Had once cried ahh FREEDOM !

The colour of freedom was this magnificent steel grey
The crooked pipe - the lusty eyes - the flag crimson red
he remembered - an old revolutionary friend.

He thought it was queer indeed
that the neighbors shut in glass panes
no shelter .. aww the stranger rain !

he stood - arms outstretched
and closed his eyes
Rain was imminent but never arrived.
And he knew
In his mind

Such waitings never end

It rained though, late that night
The moist pale moon from clouds behind
Saw him dream of
Paper boats and flooded greens
And thought it was queer indeed
A boy of fifteen could love so much.

1 comment:

  1. I wasn't missing the rains much before, but I just can't wait for them now!!! :D