Saturday, April 17, 2010

Love and Illusions

Evening train whistles

away into the night

This Too Shall End

Coffee shop red

Summer sky blue

Dry parched love

We both cried once

a thousand tears

now I don't know you

Every wound

Every drop of blood

Love again – I shall.

A million stars burn

I hate as much

as I love

summer radio sings

who loses who wins

past lingers

This summer shall pass

Rainy July too

Next April – Lavender flowers.

Afternoon – sultry and wet

half naked siesta

dull day ends

Cigarettes and beer

the drunkard sings

it'll rain next year

Lustful heat – summer sweating

making love

or fornicating ?

I think of you

when I read

My old handwriting

Don't go there my friend

It ain't

Any better

cycling in rain

fragrant and green


You are close – sometime,

sometimes far

I am numb

Now I love summers

more than weeping rain


Napthalene and woolen clothes

Black eyes shiny

and Love – childhood.

Wrinkled skin

park bench wooden

I'll see you there – sometime.

Another night of

falling asleep

Ceiling rectangular

eyes closing

I dream t of

roaches and slippery floors

a gallery – painted yellow.

Slender arm and fingers long

watery eyes

water colour warm

Bookshop shelves

Blue Red Green

smell of paper but

I wont read .

Brushing teeth

wake me up

tea is ready

Why did you kiss and

poisoned me -



where will you go

the journeys just begun

Eyes met once

window light and wild stormy hair

next station it was Night

I'll colour my hair burgundy

and dress up in black

I'll call it my birthday

The coffee turned black

and bitter

your eyes had it all

If I could cry like

never before

maybe you'd vaporize.

There she goes

goes again

someday she'll smile

Long showers – large towels

soap and foam and shaving cream

of Man and Men

Jasmine and voluptuous breasts

and incense sticks

of mothers

and Women

You are my woman

or my man ?

My sky

or my earth ?

Wont you ? Wont you

love me ever ?

It is impossible

I know I know

to love

when you don't

There is no storm

Nor no major thing

How Will I Forget ??

For all that matters

The author decides .. at the end

Who lives and who dies..

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