Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Its a Monday
and start again
I shall -
from -
one, two and three.

Buy books a few
and curtains red
lamp shades and
coffee machine

A box of pencils
green and black
a dozen pastels
and note pads

obtuse incandescent
yellow light
yellow walls
empty nights
triangle shadow
varnished frame
Photographs - hang
black and grey

shadows dance
in candle light
flickering smoke
cardboard box
tobacco - cherry pipe

On a Tuesday
sudden monsoon
The morning rainy
moist with gloom
coffee shop tea
Darjeeling chay
grey city and grey sky

page mark three
and Mahler's seventh
books unread
oceans seen
rumbling cloud
hills unseen

Cigarettes and
magazines old
slow day eats
the lonely afternoon

As i gaze through
watery streets
blurry people
faces known
lights familiar
shadows new
strangers forever

As I start again
one and two and three
with a certain joy
certain glee
a certain glimpse
through window pane
someone had stopped the rain
when radio plays a certain song
loved I once but not
any long.

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